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Peli-Sim Software

A set of Software Programs and Documentation that may help you develop and test your software for reading Live Data from the Media Pelis.  
Please note that this Software was developed during the AC34 and has not been updated for AC35.  
This will happen in the near future and a new update will be released.   
One notable item to watch for is that the Yacht Action Code messages has been revised. 
The Data Log included in this installer is from the San Diego race in the AC34 and the Yacht Action Code message is in this previous format.   
We will update this for a current AC35 race.
To install this software, download the file below called PeliSimInstall.zippychange the name of the file from PeliSimInstall.zippy to PeliSimInstall.zip, unzip it, and run the installer.
Documentation on the software is included.
Melanie Roberts,
Jul 6, 2016, 3:28 PM