AC Liveline Rigging Schedule

Monday, 18th July
Wing install from 1230 onwards - first come, first served (please have wings ready after lunch Monday). Wing trolleys MUST be located on masthead position as per AC45 Measurement Notice No 9.
Tuesday, 19th July & ‪Wednesday, 20th July
Each yacht needs to be prepared as follows before its assigned time slot below: 
        -hulls and beams assembled
        -bow sprit installed
        -net assembled and tightened especially aft net (primary cable run)
        -yacht should be in its cradles 
        -team operations must not impact the media install 
        -guest racer line shall not to go through the AC Liveline emergency antenna hole in aft horn
        -Tuesday 0830-1130 hours: Groupama Team France
        -Tuesday 1130-1500 hours: SoftBank Team Japan
        -Tuesday 1500-1800 hours: ORACLE TEAM USA
        -Wednesday 0830-1130 hours: Land Rover BAR
        -Wednesday 1130-1500 hours: Emirates Team New Zealand
        -Wednesday 1500-1800 hours: Artemis Racing

Thursday, 21st July
Yachts to pass on-board media testing before departure to the mooring.
Friday, 22nd July
Team cameras (GoPros or similar) mounted on the aft media horn must be positioned under the aft light stack from the start of practice racing onwards, clear of the aft ACTV camera shot. A second camera position requires approval from ACTV. Maximum of 2 cameras per boat.
Sunday, 24th July
The de-rig will commence after racing both at the technical area and on the moorings if required, unless otherwise notified to the Competitors. Wash down of the platform shall be done after de-rig.